Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 21

I'm liking this Advocare 24 day challenge. I'm getting results and I'm not being judged for things that I say while I'm taking part in it. Unlike some other "big name" support systems out there, Advocare hasn't sent me home for saying things like:

“Have you ever tried shoving a Snickers bar inside a Twinkee, then microwaving it for 20 seconds?”
“How many points are in puppy meat?”
“Hey, when the meeting starts, let’s all start yelling like it was a town hall meeting.”
“Who’ll give me a dollar to eat a whole can of Cheese Whiz?”
“Do you know if they make sugar-free edible underwear?”
“I don’t get my weigh-in… I dieted all morning.”
“I’ve already lost one-quarter of one percent of my total body weight.”
“We oughta all tailgate in the parking lot before our next weigh-in.”
“I had a big loss this week. Congratulations?!? Congratulations on losing my house? You are one sick human being!”
“Do you have any leftover points you’re not using?”
“Do you know where they keep the emergency chips-n-dip?”

Jim Pogue

1 comment:

  1. Tailgating sounds fun. You bring the snickers ad twinkies, we'll bring the microwave.