Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 22

One day, while reaching down to pick up a lucky penny that was resting precariously atop a four-leaf clover, I spotted a shooting star blazing across the sky.

So I made a wish…

I wish that foods that do our bodies little good…fat, sugar and salt…didn’t have such a stranglehold on the wiring inside our heads. It’s never made much sense to me that a brain responsible for our body’s wellbeing would encourage such poor decision-making when it comes to self-preservation.

I wish that my kids (and your kids, I suppose) would embrace the importance of healthy eating and exercise and not make the mistakes that you and I made in our misspent youth.

I wish that I was sitting on a beach in Hannalai Bay in Kauii chowing down on some fresh pineapple and watching surfers falling off their boards.

I wish that those in need of a spark to really and truly get going on this adventure can be hit with a lightening bolt of inspiration and commitment, that they can get that push they need to take that fateful leap.

I wish that this good positive energy I’m feeling most days could be bottled up and saved for those times when I wonder if it’s all worth it, when I feel like letting it all go and just do whatever it is I do to mess myself up. And I wish I could share it, maybe just provide a little sample, to all those who question whether the effort and sacrifice are worth the end result.

I wish that tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market weren’t so damned expensive.

I wish that each of us had the wherewithal to gracefully handle the stresses that we all face… the health concerns and the financial worries, the headaches at the office and heartaches within our homes, the little day-to-day dramas and the big world-shaking catastrophes. And I wish that those times that our faith would be tested would be few and far between...

I wish that, one this day, everyone who reads these words would find a clarity of purpose and a strength of will to accomplish what they’ve set out to do on this journey, and that they succeed beyond the the wildest of their dreams.

“May you have love that never ends,
lots of money and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do
and may God send many blessings to you.”
–Old Irish blessing

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  1. Inspirational! I wish it was Friday and you guys were here. So anxious to see you all.