Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 12

Today we did some back to school shopping for the kids and I noticed some really skinny meth addicts hanging out in front of the mall.  I have seen people lose a ton of weight by taking meth and not doing an ounce of exercise, so I looked into it a little more.  I actually came across a post from a doctor that said "I wouldn't recommend using meth to lose weight, especially if you're on Zoloft."  Um... okay, so unless you're on Zoloft, you shouldn't use meth, but it's not out of the question.

Well I'm not on Zoloft so I need to see if meth is right for me.  I looked into why meth works so well for weight loss.  Come to find out, meth gives you an unnatural amount of energy which makes you metabolism skyrocket into deity level.  Also, everything you do is preformed 3 times as fast as normal.  Since meth produces so much energy, your body thinks it has been fed and your brain doesn't think you need to eat.

This stuff sounds like a miracle drug! Let's see what are some of the side effects.  Oh no... that's not good.  Seems like some of the weight loss is not all fat.  Some of the weight loss is teeth.  Not sure how much teeth weigh, but that has to be some weight.  Meth dries out your mouth, which destroys your gums.  It also makes you clench and grind your teeth, so much that they crack.  Also, meth seems to turn off the part of the brain that worries about hygiene.

Well it looks like I will continue to lose this weight by taking my Advocare products, eating right, and working out.

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  1. Sometimes your brain scares me a little, Jim! My weight lossprogram is working a bit too well.......I want off this ride! Congrats on moving to the healthier side of the street. Begs the question, "why did Jim cross the road?" Anxioys to see you guys in a few weeks.