Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 13

I decided to play some basketball today so I took the kids to the park.  I've been more energetic the last past 12 days so I wanted to see how that translates on the basketball court.  I hadn't been able to dunk a basketball in the last 8 years (and the 30 before that).  Now that I'm on this 24 Day Challenge I'm able to come within a foot of touching the rim.  Okay, maybe a foot and a half.  This stuff gives you more energy, it doesn't make you a super hero overnight as I found out.  I have a great inside game and can hit almost everything, unfortunately I was playing outside.  That is my excuse, and I think it is a reasonable excuse.  This area is known for it's high winds and I was dealing with that all day.  Every time I shot the ball there seemed to be a 2 mile an hour gust that would alter the trajectory of the ball.  Darn wind, maybe next time it will be better.  I just need to keep being active, keep a healthier life style and take my supplements to fill in for the gaps my diet doesn't fill.  Then maybe I'll be able to dunk.  That, or one of these nights I will hack off a foot of the post that holds the backboard.  Either way, I will dunk that ball.

Jim Pogue

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  1. Just put it in the bathtub. You are a nut!