Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 7

All my life, I’ve always been a clean-your-plate kind of guy. No matter what was on it, no matter how much was on it, I always managed to bring a spic-and-span finality to every meal I sat down to. Maybe it’s just me… maybe it’s the American way… maybe it’s the plate’s fault somehow.Whatever the reason, that’s a habit that I knew that I just needed to shake. What I’ve tried to do these days is really take a hard look at the food I put on my plate. For example, last night I cooked a couple pieces of chicken; in the past, I’d have thought nothing of eating multiple pieces. Recently I’ve started trying to start my meal with half the portion I’d normally had dished out, with the idea that I can get more if I really want it. It shocks me how often the half-sies get the job done (and I get to clean my plate like I like).

For me, eating is as much mental as it is a mechanism for fueling my body. This 24 Day Challenge form Advocare that I'm on is not only helping me get the proper nutrients but it is also helping me understand how my body needs to be fueled at proper times and adequate portions.

I will soon be transitioning from phase one to phase two of the challenge and I will post my result after day 10.

Jim Pogue

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