Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 4

I'm down 5.5 pounds as of this morning and I really haven’t changed my normal activities much.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to exercise more than usual; a half hour walk around the work site is about it.  There was a breeze today which would normally help cool you down, but we are having record heat this past week so it feels like I’m standing in front of a hair drier.  After my walk I opened my Spark Energy Drink Mix that is part of the 24 Day Challenge, and that started my gang membership process.  I had a co-worker tell me how great his challenge went and that was overheard by another who has taken the challenge.  We started talking about the product and the company and what it’s doing for us so far.  There seems to be an Advocare “gang” and I’m going thru initiations.  I was told to get a tattoo the reads “Kalorie Killas”, carry a 9mm beef jerky strip, and hang out at the corner drinking a 40 of water.  At the end of our meeting we poured out one wheatgrass shot for our unhealthy homies.  So remember, if you’re looking to get hooked up with a dime bag of multi vitamins you know who to ask.  Peace out peaches!

Jim Pogue

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  1. So glad you found a group to belong to! Love reading about your progress.